Monday, April 27, 2015

Trend Trash Talking

I must be officially old because most popular culture these days puzzles and/or annoys me.  I don't mean to offend anyone, but hey, this is my blog so I can express my opinions...

First off, hip hop style.  WTF is up with dudes wearing their pants so low their butts hang out?

I've asked around and no women I know find this even remotely attractive.  Just plain weird and ridiculous!

The same guys wearing their pant waists around their knees also tend to sport large baseball caps.  Sorry, but unless you are playing baseball or doing any other form of exercise, you should lose the cap!

Honey Qiulin Street trend HIPHOP Cap shirt and guard clothing men loose hip hop Street Dance baggy hat shirt Thumbnail
Whether the cap is on frontwards, backwards or sideways...just no!

Hipsters. My antipathy here is more geared at guys again...hmm, interesting.


Sorry if you're one of them but man, do they annoy me!  Part of it is I despise beards on men.  All facial hair really.  Scruff can be sexy but any more is just not my cup of tea.  Fortunately, Adam doesn't like having facial hair so he stays clean shaven.  But he's also pointed out to me that my father has always had a beard (since I was 2 years old) and my brother also frequently sports one (his whole adult life), so maybe there is some underlying Freudian thing going on here, who knows.
I am sorry, but to me, even the handsomest guy looks idiotic with facial hair.  Although I think what annoys me so much is that it is so ubiquitous now.  Its like every freakin' guy in Toronto (and perhaps elsewhere?) has to have a beard.  Can't anyone be an individual??
I generally dislike it when people attempt to conform to some 'type', regardless of what it is.  Did I do this in my 20s? I don't think so.  I don't even think I did it as a kid.  Sure, there were jocks, goths, smoking door folks, and nerds around, but I didn't fit into any of those categories and neither did most people.  I have been trying to think of any trends that I embraced whole heartedly, but honestly I can't come up with any.  I guess around 1992-93 I started wearing the current trend of long, flowery dresses with army combat boots.  My parents made fun of me non-stop but it really was what a lot of folks were wearing and I really liked it.  Looking back, it was really ridiculous.  Going back even further to the late 80s, I did go through a phase of wearing coloured mascara (green, blue, etc.), which did make a comeback recently!  Around the same time, it was cool to have super tapered jeans and I remember me and my friends sewing and safety pinning the bottom of our pants so tight we could barely get them on and off our feel...skinny jeans anyone??  Only difference was we left them super baggy around the hips.  No, I'm definitely not innocent of adopting a few nutty fashion trends, but I never embraced a whole style persona.  While wearing coloured mascara, I wasn't listening to 80s pop music, but instead was obsessed with classic rock of the 70s and early 80s like the Doors, Rolling Stones, Police, David Bowie, etc.  And I wasn't listening to much grunge in the early 90s nor sporting any plaid, flannel shirts.

I have to tell you, this hipster thing seems to be staying around a long time though...I am really looking forward to it ending, although I fear what the next trend might be.  I only hope that it doesn't create as homogeneity as we have right now.  Do we all have to be the same?  Can't we celebrate our individuality?

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