Thursday, April 30, 2015

Do the Hoki Poki

President's Choice Blue Menu Wild Hoki skinless fillets 280g

I love fish and seafood and love knowing its good for me.  I am particularly fond of pink fish like trout and salmon, but I am a bit picky about white fish.  I just don't like the texture of some (wild cod, catfish), and find others too dry and bland (sole). 

Recently I decided to try President's Choice sustainably sourced wild hoki.  I had never had it before but was very impressed.  Its meaty and flaky, but not dry or rubbery.  I simply broiled it with lime juice and seasonings and threw it into fish tacos with a red onion, tomato and avocado relish.  Yum!  This is definitely going to be something I do again!!

I am off for a short vacation and will be back Tuesday, May 5th.  Stay well until then.

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