Friday, April 24, 2015

Camp Out

Need a little #camping #humor? Here you go...

Big A really is big!  She'll be turning 9 in a few weeks, but she seems so much older than that.  Partly its because she is big for her age, and mature, and I think partly kids are maturing faster these days or maybe that's just my perception since I am now 'old' or so my kids tell me.

Tonight Big A is leaving to go camping with her Brownie troop for the weekend.  She won't be back until Sunday!  I can't believe it.  But I am not worried, she is such a confident, independent girl I know she'll be fine.

There is nothing I would rather do less than go camping.  No air conditioning in the summer? No showers? Bugs?  Potentially dangerous wild animals? Psychopaths hiding out in the woods? A million ways to fall and injure yourself far away from a hospital? No thank you!!!

But, but, but...  I like camping!  #camping, #outdoors

Now before you call me a wimp, keep in mind that I am highly allergic to insects.  I went camping as a Brownie and Girl Guide as a kid.  I remember not minding it when we went in spring or fall when it was cooler and there were no bugs, but I recall the time we went in the summer coming home an itchy, uncomfortable misery.  I remember my sympathetic father counting 43 mosquito bites on my tiny body before plunking me in the bath and my mother covering me in calamine lotion (which never helped much).

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In any case, I think both girls are excited for the weekend: Big A because of her camping adventure, and Little A because she gets undivided parental attention for a few days.  Big A definitely doesn't have to worry about the lack of air conditioning at least...we're back to winter-like weather!!

Unfortunately, Sunday is going to be utter chaos.  I teach my spin class in the morning, Little A goes to Hebrew School, then Adam is taking Little A to swim lessons, then Big A returns from camping, we have to get the girls to their cousin's birthday party, and I have my book club meeting.  Its all good stuff though, so I am looking forward to it.

Have a healthy, happy weekend!

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