Friday, November 14, 2014

Please Say It Isn't Snow!?!

Yep, it snowed yesterday.  Didn't stick, thank goodness.   Nothing to build snowmen with yet at least. But there is no denying winter is here, whether its 'official' or not.  Tuesday we had a gorgeous, warm, sunny day, but I think that was it for that until spring.

I am already looking forward to our trip to Florida in the middle of December with my family.  We usually go to Orlando with Adam's folks, but in honour of her 70th birthday, my mom is treating us, and my brother's family to a vacation in West Palm at the Sandpiper Club Med resort.  Apparently its just a dream for people with kids as they keep the little ones occupied practically 24-7, giving adults time on their own.  Sweeeeeeeet!

But this does mean we will be in town over Christmas, which is going to necessitate some serious planning on my part to keep them busy when they are home from school and daycare.

I just worry that if we have another particularly bad winter, which they are predicting, that by March I'll have lost my marbles.  I wonder if a last minute get away might be possible...

I work tonight, but then the girls are staying for a sleepover at my in-laws which means Adam and I will get a bit of an evening alone, and a relaxed Saturday morning.  I see clients tomorrow but then I am thinking we should start doing our Hannukah mother-in-law is having her party on December 7th, since both our family and my brother's will be leaving for Florida the following week so there isn't much time to get gifts for all the cousins!  Where did the fall go? I can't believe I'm thinking about Hannukah already!!

Sunday Adam has his book club but otherwise this is going to be a pretty quiet one for us.  Sunday, however, is also the Santa Clause Parade, which means getting anywhere around downtown Toronto will be a complete nightmare.

How about you?  Any snow where you are yet?  Have you done your holiday shopping?
Have a safe and healthy weekend.

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