Thursday, December 19, 2013

The Original Protein Shot: Product Review


We were recently sent some samples of Pro Balance Inc.'s The Original Protein Shot to try.  I am definitely not deficient in protein intake, I love my protein.  I also don't like drinking my food (I don't even like juice or smoothies), so I passed these along to Adam who is a bigger user of protein supplements than I am.

He was very excited over the flavour with caffeine because he saw it as a nice alternative to cola or tea (he is not a coffee drinker), and he said that all of them tasted fine.  Adam found that the shots were not filling, which is no surprise because research consistently shows that liquids, on their own, are not satiating like solid foods are. 

But he didn't really understand the purpose of them, particularly those without caffeine because, "Protein is tasty, so why would I want to consume my protein in this form?  I guess it's convenient."

His reasoning is that he would rather eat real food forms of protein, or even a smoothie made with protein powder because they taste better and fill you up.  In terms of portability, yes I would say they are convenient, but a small bag of almonds can give you a little protein boost too and is just as portable...and much cheaper.

We decided that the shots are probably good for folks who are really struggling to get enough protein and calories and this can give them a little boost.  Maybe?  I guess they are also good for people who love drinking their food.  That just doesn't include me.

Disclaimer: We were sent the products on a complimentary basis but all the opinions on this blog are our own.

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