Monday, December 2, 2013

Citrus Sanity Saver

 I only drink vegetable juice.
Vodka is made from
potatoes so that counts.

Good Monday morning!  How are you feeling today?  I feel great, thank you very much.  I was looking forward to this weekend for a long time.  Partly because it was packed full of fun events, but also because I knew it would be my first opportunity to really relax after all the build up to the fundraiser last week.

Part of relaxing meant having a drink or two.  I have said many times, alcohol should be considered a treat, not a regular part of ones daily routine.  Too many of us have convinced ourselves, thanks to flawed research and inaccurate reporting in the media, that alcohol consumption is healthy.  As a counsellor, I also see it being misused by people all too often as a coping strategy.  Alcohol, along with food, drugs, etc, are frequently used to self-medicate, and are considered to be avoidant coping strategies, by us folks who work in the mental health field.  This means, they temporarily help us cope with unpleasant feelings or events by pushing them away or numbing us to the emotions.  The problem is, they don't help us actively deal with the issue at hand and can often create other difficulties for us.

Along with the social costs of drinking too much, alcohol consumption is also associated with a host of cancers as well as liver problems.  It is also high in empty calories and inhibits the body's ability to burn fat.  Not much good there I tell you. If you are going to imbibe, try to stick with wine, beer or clear spirits.  Stay away from high calorie drinks that include sugar syrups, liqueurs, cream, juice, etc.

I try to minimize my alcohol intake as much as possible because of its links with cancer, but I do occasionally kick back with a drink or two for a treat.  And that is exactly what I did this past weekend.

Usually I stick with wine but I was in the mood for something a little more hydrating.  This drink is refreshing and tasty without any sugar in it to fuel a furious hangover the next day.  Just make sure you don't over do it, as too much alcohol of any type is really not advisable. 

If you want a less sweet drink, skip the stevia. 

Citrus Sanity Saver

2 packets Pure Orange
1 dropper full of lemon stevia liquid (or regular stevia liquid)
Slice of fresh lemon or orange
1 ounce of citrus flavoured vodka
1 can (350ml) club soda, or seltzer

Stir all ingredients together in a big glass and drink.

Disclaimer:  Alcohol consumption increases the risk of many chronic illnesses including cancer, and is associated with risky sexual behaviour and stupidity.  Consume with caution.

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