Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Flatout Good

One of my favorite things to do when I am in the United States is go grocery shopping. Yep, forget about clothes, electronics, etc. I want to check out the grocery stores. I love finding new, healthy products that aren't available in Canada...and there are many!

That being said, it is also kind of frustrating to fall in love with something, knowing I won't be able to get it in Canada.

Since I first discovered them in Florida a few years ago, I have been buying Flatout flat breads ( every time we are down in the Orlando area.

I LOVE these things! I end up living on breakfasts and lunches of wraps stuffed with scrambled eggs, cheese, chicken, and/or sauteed veggies. You can, of course, get whole grain wraps here, but I like Flatouts better: They are thicker and don't tend to get soggy or gummy from your fillings like the ones we get here do.

What's more, they come in several whole grain, high fibre varieties (just stick with the whole grain ones, and avoid the white ones and "Hungry Girl" varieties made with refined flour), are low in calories (90-120 cal each instead of 180 for most large sized wraps found here) and are sturdy enough to use as a base for pizza. My favorite is the whole grain with flax.

This year I got smart and bought an extra package in Florida and brought it home with me. But one package doesn't last long for me, so I was thrilled to discover they are actually available in the GTA!

Last week Adam forwarded me a WagJag deal promotion for Low Carb Canada and some other grocery stores. Not being a low-carb follower (with no medical reason to limit carbs and a very active lifestyle, I need my carbs!), I was initially not interested, but then decided to check out what this place carries. I was pleasantly surprised to see that they carry Flatouts (! I quickly purchased their $20 of groceries for $10 deal. The store is unfortunately a half hour drive from us, so I have no idea when we'll have time to get their (they deliver but I don't want to pay the delivery charge!), but when we do, I'm going to be stocking up!!

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