Friday, January 20, 2012

Fitness Find for Canucks

One of the best investments Adam and I ever made for our health and well-being was our home gym.

Any parent knows how difficult it can be to fit in regular exercise, and for many folks, the only way it can happen is if it is done at home.

Now you don't need to spend much to be able to keep fit at home - heck, all you need is a DVD player and a little square of space and you can rent a variety of fitness DVDs from your local library - but if you are looking for some fitness equipment, Canadian Tire is having MASSIVE sales right now!

For example, you can buy some kick-ass Horizon treadmills (which is the brand of our treadmill, which we love), less than $800...ours was almost double that! Their Livestrong brand of equipment is now up to 60% off! So if you have been thinking about investing in some larger pieces of fitness equipment, now is the time to do it!!

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