Sunday, September 11, 2011

Slow Down to Slim Down

In our increasingly fast-paced world, most of us tend to multi-task and race through our days, barely stopping to catch our breath. Few of us sit down to enjoy a leisurely meal. But research consistently finds that speeding through our meals is linked with obesity. Why? Because it takes the brain at least 20 minutes to register fullness from what we've put in our bellies. In addition, I think we receive more psychological satisfaction from eating foods that take longer to finish. Even if you just consumed 1000 calories, it's not very satisfying if the experience only lasted 25 seconds, you know what I mean? And experimental research has actually found that people who eat smaller bites and eat slower consume fewer calories compared with those who eat their food faster.

So if you are struggling to maintain or lose weight, consider paying attention to how fast you are eating. If you find it difficult to slow down, try taking smaller bites, putting your fork/spoon down between bites, and or using chop sticks.

Lately I have been practicing using chop sticks a lot (I suck at it!) and have noticed just how full I feel afterwards because of how long it takes me to get the food to my mouth. Perfect way to eat one of the shiritake noodle dishes on this site!

So slow down and savour every bite.

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