Monday, September 12, 2011

Coming of Age

I think all 4 members of our family are in good places right now and it's really nice.

Adam is establishing an impressive career for himself in the academic world. No surprise given his talent and dedication to his work.

I have not yet established my career, but things are going along well. After a reassuring discussion with my supervisor from the counselling clinic where I'm doing one of my placements last week, I am feeling much more optimistic about getting finished with school in the next few months. I have also found an appropriate client to use as my case study and gotten approval to move ahead with this plan. He has come to me for issues that have nothing to do with infertility, but are incredibly interesting nonetheless. And I do want to my counselling practice to focus on a multitude of areas, not just miscarriage and infertility, so this experience will be valuable.

My leg is feeling better AND after seeing the dentist this morning and having her adjust - what she even admitted was - a pretty dramatic unevenness in my bite, the jaw and ear pain and headache I've had for the past week dissipated. So overall, I would say I'm doing great now.

In spite of my discomfort, we had a great weekend too. The girls are increasingly playing together really well. In fact, they were having so much fun playing with their toys after lunch yesterday, that I felt bad sending Little A up for her nap (she wasn't thrilled about this either, let me tell you!).

They still fight sometimes (in the car yesterday I thought Adam was going to blow a gaskit when they started fighting over who got to hold the snack bag and later, when they battled over whether to put Free to Be You and Me, or Sesame Street on the CD player), but they are also increasingly taking pleasure in one another. It's beautiful to see.

And both have made great strides recently. Little A is talking non-stop and is usually somewhat intelligible. Big A, thanks to Adam's diligence this summer, has made huge progress with her reading. She is also much less combative. I realized this the other night when she asked for another bedtime story and I told her, no because it was too late. This used to inevitably lead to a huge meltdown and screaming fit, but now she usually just says, "Okay," and that's the end of it!

Of course, they both still drive us nuts at times.

Big A is still needy, whiny and whimpy when Adam and I are present. She breaks into tears over EVERYTHING (spilling water, stubbing her toe, misplacing a toy, etc.) and wants our constant attention and physical presence. But I suppose we should be grateful that this is not how she behaves with others. In fact, her daycare teacher recently informed me that she is just the opposite there: confident, outgoing and more mature than most of her peers. Hmmm...

Little A still has terrible 2 moments and can make us crazy with her antics. She continues to have a knack for getting filthy and making unbelievable messes. This is frustrating, but also somewhat amusing. She eats food off the ground, drinks dirty bathwater and wipes her yogurt-covered hands in her hair. Her constant stickiness from snacks has been a little problematic lately as it tends to attract the wasps that are out in abundance this time of year.

Although I look forward to all (or most) of the future stages we have lying ahead of us I am enjoying the present quite a bit. How wonderful!

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