Friday, September 9, 2011

Crappy Birthday to Me!

Am I freaking about turning 37 this weekend?

No, not at all. Things are pretty good for me. I don't feel old. I'm actually in the best shape of my life.

Granted I've got some serious aches and pains right now, but I don't think any of them are due to age. My rectus muscle is all healed up after just 3 weeks, which is much sooner than expected. My hamstring tendonitis has improved in the past week, so much so that the doctor decided not to give me a second cortisone injection yesterday. The cortisone can weaken the muscle, so it's best to be conservative.

I was so distracted by my tooth pain last week that I didn't notice how much better my leg pain was. We spent 5+ hours in the car each way on our trip to and from Ottawa last weekend and I only later realized this was mildly uncomfortable instead of excruciatingly painful. No sense regretting the fact that I didn't get a cortisone shot 2 years ago instead of enduring a whole lot of chronic pain. But again, I don't think the duration of this problem is is due to my age. Nope, I blame the fact that I was repeatedly misdiagnosed and convinced that physio was the answer. The doctor yesterday actually recommended I stop physio AND all the stupid rehab exercises I have been doing. Yipee!!!

So why is this a crappy birthday? Because of my damn tooth! Again, not age related, I'll remind you. No, due to my dumb teeth grinding habit AND exacerbated by my dentist on Tuesday. She filled my cracked tooth but didn`t adjust my bite. So the bad tooth hits first when I chew or even just close my jaw and everything is thrown off. As a result I am having constant tooth, jaw, and ear pain and headaches AND she doesn`t work Fridays so the soonest I can see her for an adjustment is Monday. I`m downing pain killers like they are jelly beans which is not a good thing.

Nevertheless, I am confident once my tooth situation is sorted out, I will go back to feeling like I`m a youthful...29 year old? My friend Nikki, who I saw in Ottawa last week, told me I LOOK about 25. While I don`t believe her for a second, I`ll take it. I seriously feel better than I did during my 20s.

To cheer myself up about my tooth, I`ve baked some treats. Sugar is good for teeth, right? A pumpkin spice cake with maple frosting to take to my mother-in-law`s for dinner tonight and pumpkin cinnamon rolls for me...and maybe Adam and the girls if they are lucky!


  1. Happy birthday when it rolls around :) I'm sorry you'll be in pain for it though. Hope it is ALL BETTER on Monday!

  2. Thanks Nico. A little sugar therapy has helped. A child-free night tomorrow should help too!