Friday, July 15, 2011

Small Victories

Is life with kids EVER easy? I think not.

But sometimes there are small victories and special moments.

Little A is officially weaned. She's still not thrilled about it and will occasionally ask for "mommy milk", but she will accept some pumped milk or bovine milk in a cup instead of nursing.

Of course she still loves the mammaries. In Costco last week, she was faking a dirty diaper (we were too stupid to actually check) and claiming that sitting in the shopping cart was hurting her butt, so I was carrying her around the store. She took this opportunity to reach down my tank top, grab my breasts and exclaim loudly, "Mommies boobies!"

No that was not the special moment I was thinking of...

I was worried that once I weaned her, our regular cuddle sessions would cease. But she is still affectionate and absolutely adorable...when she isn't having a terrible 2 tantrum.

The new "treat" system has completely transformed Big A! It is working even better than I had hoped. This week she chose a lollipop, a peppermint patty (Adam is addicted), and a Clif Bar for Kids as her 3 treats. Each morning she would come down and take a lick of the lollipop, a bite of the patty and a bite of the bar.

Giving her this control to chose and eat a few treats at her leisure means she has stopped constantly asking us for treats AND has gone back to eating many of the healthier foods she had strayed from lately. Instead of gravitating towards sugary carbs like cereal, granola bars, etc., her breakfasts this week included cheese omelet, fruit, cheese strings, whole wheat bagels with cream cheese, homemade (no sugar) brown rice pudding, etc. At dinner time, she no longer asks for dessert.

Food has become much less of an issue, which was my goal. In fact, I was very impressed yesterday when she decided she had had enough of the lollipop and the Clif Bar and threw them away before they were finished!

Next goal is getting the girls to like spicy food. Little A has a bigger tolerance than Big A, who still finds even kids toothpaste "spicy".

Adam and I can't live without hot, spicy food! By the way, the theory that eating hot food while you are pregnant will aclimatize your kids to spicy food is HOGWASH!

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