Saturday, July 30, 2011

Escape from Alcatraz

The girls are growing up, there is no doubt.

Big A, at 5, seems to have finally developed an interest in the opposite sex. At least pictures of them in a book anyways.

The book on reproduction we bought her last year gets circulated through the pile of before bed readings. We've read it a few times lately and she always wants to read the same page: the penis page.

Last time I rebelled because I despise reading the same things over and over, even reading about how penises work. And I like penises just as much as the next heterosexual woman! "No not that page again," I told her, "I'm sick of that page, why do we always have to read that page?" She smiled, "I like penises...they're interesting." We'll I can't disagree really.

Little A moved into a "big girl" bed last weekend and we gave away her crib. Incidently, the folks who were first to ask for it when I posted it "available for free" on Craigslist drove up in a Mercedes to pick it up. Huh? I think next time we'll donate it directly to a women's shelter or something.

I was worried that my little mischievous imp would find trouble with her new freedom. Apparently I had reason to worry. Unlike Big A, who took months to figure out she could get in and out of her bed herself, Little A understood this right off the bat. She also figured out a day or two later how to open her door, which made for some challenging bed times. Hey, who wants to sleep, when you can play??

So Adam and I thought we had her beat when we installed the child-proofer door handle thingy. Ha! She figured out that thing in about 2 seconds flat! What now, do we put her in a straight jacket? Handcuff her to the bedpost? You know I'm kidding of course! But putting lock on the OUTSIDE of her door may be something to think about...

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