Friday, July 1, 2011

Happy Canada Day!

I hope all you fellow Canadians have been having a good time celebrating the nation's birthday today!

We had a lovely day. It started with Big A getting up at 5:45am!! Then we had breakfast and drove to Downey's farm, the place we went last fall for their Pumpkin Fest.

Today they had a Canada Day Strawberry Festival. We met my in-laws, sister-in-law and niece there. They had a pancake breakfast, strawberry picking, a petting zoo, mini golf, a dog show, music, etc., etc. It was a beautiful day if you like the heat...which I don't, so I had to sneak off to find shade a few times.

Everyone had a great time except Little A. She hasn't pooped since Wednesday and is miserably uncomfortable. She became hysterical on the way home from daycare yesterday because she said her tummy hurt. But even a dose of lactulose last night hasn't unclogged her pipes yet. So she was sulky and stayed in the stroller the entire time we were at the farm. After her nap she was in a better mood but still no poop in sight. Of course this makes us nervous because we know a big explosion is imminent...

This afternoon we hung around the house, watching tennis on t.v., listening to Elmo songs on Youtube and watching the girls dance. Then we bathed the girls (Pig Pen was characteristically sticky and dirty) and Adam took them to his grandparents' for dinner.

With the house to myself, I then did my phone counselling (I'm still the phone pal for the senior I started working with 18 months ago!), did some prep work in the kitchen for our meals this weekend (2 new recipes I'll post soon if they turn out!), and pulled weeds in our front lawn (which means we now have nothing left but a small patch of dirt since our front lawn is almost entirely weeds). Now I've got to finish in some research for a paper on egg freezing that S.D. (my supervisor from the fertility clinic) and I hope to publish in an academic journal.

Just out of curiousity, how do you feel about women being allowed to freeze their eggs for future fertility usage (for non-medical reasons - i.e. they want to further their careers or haven't yet found the right partner and are concerned about their biological clock)?


  1. i personally am all for it, especially for the latter reason. I have a few friends who would love to have kids, but may not b/c they haven't met the right guy yet. Being able to still have that possibility? Priceless. And many would say, can't they "just adopt" - but from what i understand, many adoptions have age limits. The idea of a 50 year old first time mom does make me a little squeamish, but that doesn't make it wrong. just not the norm (yet!) :)

  2. Thanks Nico! I happen to completely agree with you. I think that this simply reflects the reality that a lot of women face today and egg freezing represents another way to expand women's reproductive freedom/choices. But many people disagree and this is a very controversial issue!