Friday, October 29, 2010

Testing the Waters

P1: Well I just completed my third course in the Miscarriage/Infertility certificate program, so I'm now officially half way through. I got an A+ in the Counselling Ethics course for my Masters, and am currently enjoying my Counselling Methodologies--Behavioural and Cognitive Modalities course. Still no word from Dr. M at Mount Sinai, inspite of sending her a reminder email last week, so no progress on the research project. Sigh!

P2: The parenting consultants warned me that things with Big A might get a lot worse before they get better because she will really start testing the limits with me once I make changes to my discipline system. So I was very surprised when we had an amazingly easy week with her. Therefore, I should NOT have been shocked when she had a major flip out last night. It started when we got in the door at the end of the day and she threw her coat on the floor and ordered me to hang it up for her. I told her that this was rude, and to please pick it up, apologize, and ask me nicely to hang it up for her. She resisted so I finally told her I was taking away her jacket as a punishment (it's her favorite pink jacket, but conveniently it is too light for the chilly weather the next few days and this gives me a chance to wash it). She flew into a rage and told me she was going to hide the jacket in her room so I could not take it from her. She did so and I responded by telling her she was not allowed to wear her Halloween costume to school today. She became hysterical at this point and begged me for another chance, but I stood my ground. She raged and cried and whined for AN HOUR but I listened to the consultants' advice and completely ignored her. She became very upset and asked why I was ignoring her and only paying attention to Little A. I explained that I was not going to acknowledge her bad behaviour. She finally calmed down and by the time Adam walked in the door at 7pm, she had settled down and was eating her supper. I was proud of myself for keeping my cool. I didn't yell once. And even though it took a whole bloody hour, I was able to resolve the issue with her myself, without having to get Adam involved, something the consultants said was important.

Nevertheless, today as we walked to school and saw all the other kids dressed up in their Halloween costumes, I felt terrible and guilty. But I know I have to follow through with the punishment and in a way it is ideal. I took away a privilege that meant a lot to her so she will hopefully learn a lesson. Ironically, Little A won't let anyone get near her with her puppy costume...I'm really hoping she'll put in on for Trick or Treating on Sunday!

Adam was away all last week in Ottawa for business. His absence was obviously strongly felt. Since his return, it is ALL about daddy for Little A. As much as it warms my heart to see her adoring her daddy as much as Big A always has, I admit I'm a tad disappointed that the novelty of mommy has already worn off. When I go get her from her crib first thing in the morning, the first thing she says is, "Daddy?". Sigh!

F1: Just as I had stopped obsessing over my kids' diets from a nutritional standpoint, I am now obsessing over it from a dental-hygiene perspective. Since we discovered Big A's cavities, I haven't let either of them have any raisins or dried fruit snacks. But I wonder what other foods I should have them avoid. It's not like they are willing to eat such a wide variety of healthy foods as it is!

F2: When I went for physio the other day there was a guy doing this exercise in the gym there. Now this clinic treats a lot of competitive athletes, so my guess is this guy is one of them because I tried this exercise and could not do it. I will warn you it is EXTREMELY advanced, but perhaps if you have better core strength than I do (I have had 2 c-sections after all) and/or you have better stability, you can do it. If so, please let me know. I'll be VERY impressed. I'm working toward being able to do it myself one day...

Ball/Bosu Core Exercise

Place one hand on either side of a Bosu ball (round side down) and rest your feet on a stability ball. Drag the ball in towards your hands so that you are in a pike position and then push it back out so that you are in a plank position, parallel with the floor. Repeat as many times as you can.

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