Friday, October 8, 2010

The Search for Truth

I finally got to the sports medicine physician today. I was so hopeful that he would be able to diagnose the source of my pain on the spot and recommend an easy, non-invasive cure. Ha! That didn't happen. He actually doesn't think it's sciatica, but more likely some problem involving the insertion point of my hamstring. Or, less likely it is possible a disc problem, but more likely a problem with the hamstring itself. In order to really determine the cause, however, he is sending me for an MRI. Until then, I am supposed to do physio. I guess it doesn't really matter what the problem is, as long as it can be treated. Sitting is becoming so uncomfortable!

As it turns out, we were unjustified in doubting Big A about the situation at school. When I came to pick her up the other day, her teacher had, in fact, confronted the girl Big A claimed was bothering her, and the girl fessed up that she HAD, been bothering her. The teacher made her apologize and promise to stop. Apparently she was repeatedly trying to get Big A's attention and was distracting her when she was working on something. And what she was working on, in particular, was a picture she was supposed to draw of her family. I immediately could see why this would make Big A anxious. She is an incredibly bright girl who is articulate, quick witted and imaginative. But she is terrible at art. Adam believes she takes after him as he claims he was bad at art, no matter how hard he tried. But I don't actually believe she tries. She rarely does more than scribble and I don't really see her putting any thought into her arts and crafts. However, it is clearly not her strength or something she is too interested in. Perhaps she is watching the other kids drawing at a much more advanced level and has suddenly become self-conscious about it?

After a really tough week of intense conflict with Big A every day, today was wonderful. We had no difficulties this morning or when I came to pick her up today. Little A started whimpering for "Melmo" when we got to Big A's school (because she knows Big A has been keeping him there) and without me having to say a word, Big A went and got her Elmo doll and gave him to Little A saying to her, "I know you love Elmo and I love that you love him." I was so touched and proud of her. I asked if Little A could keep him (thinking that if she couldn't we'd simply buy another) and Big A said she could. In reward for her generosity, I gave big A a package of foam letters and numbers to play with in the bath when we got home. Of course, it's unrealistic to think that my conflicts with Big A are over, but it's important for me to see glimmers of her other side to remind me just how special she is.

The whole world seems like a better place today. The weather was warm, sunny and glorious. I love fall! It was also the first day in 2 weeks I have felt good (good night's sleep, no sinus pain, less congestion, etc.). If only every day could be like this! But then again, I guess when you have too much of a good thing you don't appreciate it.

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  1. Awwww... big A, little A and "melmo"... those are definitely moments to treasure!