Friday, October 1, 2010

Quirky or Confident? Maybe Both.

The first two days this week our mornings went unusually smoothly. Big A was fairly cooperative and we had no big blow outs. Little A has been wonderfully sweet, happy and behaved, for the most part. Unfortunately, the lucky streak ended Wednesday morning. Wednesday and Thursday with her were rough. She was grumpy, sullen and uncooperative. Thursday night she had a massive bedtime tantrum that had Adam and I tearing our hair out. Adam suspects she isn't getting enough sleep and is probably tired (we are lucky if she is sleeping by 9pm and she's been getting up by 6am). But she's also mentioned several times how much she misses her best friend, G., from her old daycare. I knew this was going to be a tough transition for her so I wonder if she is acting out because she is having adjustment difficulties? Unfortunately, there is not much we can do. We've enrolled her and G. in the same Saturday gymnastics class, which starts tomorrow, so at least they can see each other once a week. We also let her call G. one evening this week. It was her first real phone conversation with a friend. Very cute!

Big A seems to be making new friends (she was invited to a birthday party tomorrow) at her new school and daycare but I, of course, am a bit worried. Peers are so incredibly important when you're a kid and they have a tremendous impact on your development. I so want her to be well-liked and have friends. She seemed pretty popular at her old daycare so hopefully she'll find some new comrades that she'll be happy with. Yesterday Big A decided she had to wear these pretend glasses that came with her doctor set to school. They have no real lenses and have round, thick red plastic frames. They look hilarious. I thought she'd take them off when we got to school, but she still had them on when I came to pick her up at the end of the day. Her teachers were all very amused. One said to me, "I love the glasses, they are so her...very quirky." I wasn't sure I was so happy that she is being labelled as quirky. Is she quirky? Absolutely. She hates brushing her hair and prefers to leave the house with a massive rats-nest. She won't wear jeans or any pants with a button and fly (only dresses, skirts and leggings). She is obsessed with mops, brooms and dustpans and has play cleaning supplies both at home and at my in-laws. She knows all the rules of the road and often tells Adam how to drive (Go 40km here daddy, two hands on the wheel, red light!). Her "art" that she brings home is almost always just a scribble...or more recently she has started covering paper with masking tape and calling that art. And today she insisted on bringing one of her stuffed cats, dressed up in a ballet tutu, in her doll stroller to school. So yes, she is quirky. But as Adam pointed out, she is also self-confident and doesn't seem to care what other people think. I just hope that the confidence balances out the quirkiness because, at least in my experience, it was always the confident kids, or the ones who where able to give the impression that they were confident, who were popular and respected. Kids are so cruel and if they smell insecurity, they usually attack.

Some idiot dumped a huge back of styrofoam peanuts in the garbage can in the park near our house. The bag then opened and thousands of the peanuts scattered everywhere. When we walked by a few days ago I expressed my disgust, explaining to Big A that they are terrible for the environment and mentioning that I would like to clean it up. By yesterday, they had scattered even further in all directions and many of them had crumbled into little bits all over the grass and gardens. The clean up was going to be a bitch and I started to feel overwhelmed. But Big A said, "Mommy when are you going to clean up the park, you said you were going to clean it up." I realized I could not go back on my word. So tonight I spent an hour collecting as many as I could and throwing them away. Unfortunately, it was pretty impossible to get them all and I couldn't pick up the little bits at all. Nevertheless, I spent a good hour there and did my best. I think I'll call the city on Monday and see if they can finish the job.

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