Monday, February 15, 2010

Ha Ha Ha Happy Valentine's Day!

Well, this day didn't turn out quite as planned. I came down with the stomach flu and was bedridden from 2pm yesterday until today. Needless to say, our Belgian waffle dinner didn't happen. I could hardly get down gingerale. I'm feeling better today but definitely not 100%. Adam now thinks he might be coming down with it and given how grumpy Little A was when she woke up this morning, we're worried she isn't feeling well either. She hardly ate anything for breakfast today (a few chunks of kiwi and a few cheerios), but that could be just her being her picky self. Hopefully her mood is improved when she gets up from her nap. We're all home today because it's Family Day and I have to say, Big A has been wonderful. She's been playing imaginary games by herself and some that include Adam as a participant. Unfortunately, all 3 floors of the house now look like a cyclone has hit them because there are toys EVERYWHERE!

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