Sunday, December 23, 2018

2018 in Review

So here we are at the end of 2018 already. How was this year for you?

I thought I would give you a bit more info about what's been going on around here. I haven't had much time to write personal posts. At this point, its been challenging for me to post even once a week.

The reason for my lack of time is mostly good. My counselling practice really exploded this year. Because I am self-employed, and because I enjoy my work, its been tough to set limits though, so I find myself seeing clients, either in person or virtually/by phone often 7 days a week. I do get to set my own hours, and I never see more than 6 clients a day, but it is still pretty exhausting. Nevertheless, I couldn't be happier. I love my work so much and I feel so blessed to have a job that is on my terms and provides me with so much intrinsic satisfaction. I am still doing a lot of fertility/infertility counselling as well as couples counselling, CBT for anxiety and depression, and EMDR for trauma.

I have developed a bit of an addiction to cat videos. When the girls were little I really had no interest in pets, but now that they are more independent, my obsession with felines has come back. I know I will not likely ever own cats again (not only is Adam allergic, but he doesn't like animals. Period.), so I have to indulge my obsession by living vicariously through others. I admit its a problem, I could look at cats and kittens being cute for hours. I may need an intervention.

Health-wise, I am still struggling with chronic atypical migraines. Earlier this year my doctor gave me an Rx for medical marijuana (CBD oil without THC). It seemed to help for a bit then stopped helping. At this point, the only thing I have not tried is Botox injections which I will discuss with my doctor in the new year. The past couple months I have had a lot of them but I don't ever let them stop me from pushing through with things. I am just kind of used to the pain.

I am pretty happy with my fitness and nutrition. I am the strongest I have ever been and for the past year I have had no issues with IBS that I used to struggle with. I am eating lots of protein (all kinds except red meat very rarely) and get most of my carbs from sweet potatoes (I am obsessed), squash and oats. I have also made a point of eating more fatty fish like salmon and herring and still go though huge quantities of tahini because its the best! I have also really fallen in love with Greek yogurt and have been eating it way more than I used to (or any kind of yogurt for that matter). I stick with plain and flavour it myself with fruit, natural extracts and/or stevia.

For the past year, the girls have been getting along so much better. They no longer fight 24/7 which is such a big relief as I think Adam and I were ready to lose our minds. Big A started middle school (7th grade) in September and is preparing for her Bat Mitzvah in June. She does 4+ hours of dance a week, swims, and plays basketball at school. At just 12, she is taller and heavier than I am and looks much older than she is.  We have a full on teenager here!

Little A is in 4th grade and is as feisty as ever. She is a bit too much of a perfectionist which means she can come down hard on herself and on others. Its something we are trying to keep an eye on, but so far she is doing great, excelling in school, her extracurriculars and her social life. She insisted on starting piano lessons this year (on top of ballet, Girl Guides, swimming, Hebrew School, soccer, etc.) but has surprised us by her dedication (we will see if it lasts).

I haven't given much attention to my konjac business, but there are some excited developments in store for 2019 as I have some new business partners. We will be relaunching the brand. Its been a slow transition but I think a lot of things will fall in place in 2019.

I am off now for a little holiday but I will be back in January. Happy holidays to you all!

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