Monday, February 13, 2017

Workout Your Beauty Barriers to Fitness: Oxygenetix Makeup Review

Did you know that women claim one of the biggest barriers to using their lunch hour to workout is concern about their hair and makeup? What a shame, to bypass the million benefits of exercise just to avoid smudged makeup and frizzy hair!

If this is you, then you will be happy to know, there are beauty products that are sweatproof!

I was very pleased with Oxygenetix foundation when I tried it before, so I was very happy to offer to test it out as smudgeproof. This time I ordered a darker shade (Ivory instead of Pearl) and found I like it even better. They offer their makeup in 14 shades!

Now, I workout at home and at 5am, so you better believe I do not wear makeup when I am exercising, but it is easy for me to test sweatproof makeup anyways, because I am always sweating, even in winter. I find my office, and most buildings way overheated. Before taking this selfie, I not only had spent several hours in my office sweating, but it was pouring rain outside (which later turned to an ice storm), and I had come home and done some cooking over a hot stove. Believe you me, I perspired!

I can attest to the fact that Oxygenetix held up to its sweatproof claim as I burned my forehead with my flat iron the day before, and you can't even see the red mark. Nice!

I don't like taking selfies, but I promised, so here it is. I probably should have put on some lipstick, but anyways...

So go ahead and doll yourself up, but don't skip the gym, you've got too much to gain if you go!!

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