Wednesday, October 26, 2016

B-Up Protein Bars

Welcome to Wednesday! You're half way to the weekend!!

Today I'm talking protein bars.

Right now the only protein bars I am smitten with is Quest's Double Chocolate Chunk. Not even any other flavours of  Quest really do it for me.  The problem is, they are really expensive! When I look around though, all similar products are pretty much around the same price.

Recently, however, I found some B-Up bars on sale, and noticed the regular price is a wee bit lower than the Quest bars. I figured I should give them a try, especially since I've heard their birthday cake flavour is good. So I bought 2 boxes.

They are a few grams bigger than the Quest bars but clock in at the same number of calories, and approximately same macros as Quest.

I like the firmness of my Quest flavour of bars, and I LOVE the chocolate chunks. These don't have chunks (none of their flavours do) and they are quite a bit softer. But they are tasty and I will definitely be eating them until they are gone. Will I be replacing my Quest bars? Nope. But neither will I be sampling Quest's 2 latest new flavours: Blueberry Muffin or Rocky Road. I am now pretty confident my bars really are the best.

None of these bars is health food folks, just a less guilt-inducing treat.

By the way, check out this hilarious website where you'll find reviews of tons of protein bars, oddly, along side the most gruesome junk food products. The write ups are hysterical.

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