Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Plyo HiiT I & II: DVD Review

Happy Hump Day! Its a gorgeous one here, thankfully, after several days of rain.  Perfect for Workout Wednesday.

Here is my review of the second Cathe DVD I purchased, and am so happy with!  This one also kicks my butt and I love, love, love it!!

It consists of 2-27 minute workouts (about 22 minutes without the cool down/stretch sections).  It also has 2 bonus ab routines, giving you a total of 24 minutes of abs.

The first one requires only a mat, which is used as a simple place keeper on the floor that you run and jump over and around.  I actually have been using my step bench instead, which makes it easier in some ways (a step is smaller than a standard mat) and harder in others (adds height). I've been doing this because mats move around on our carpeted floor, so I thought it would annoy me to have to keep adjusting it.  Also, the shorter you are, the harder the dimensions of a standard mat will be for you, and, hey, I'm just barely 5'2!

Rather than specific time intervals, these workouts involve specific numbers of reps of each exercise, with brief rest periods.  But believe me, you'll covet those few seconds of rest!!  The must is pretty generic, mostly instrumental, upbeat stuff, however, I don't even notice it much as I'm just focused on doing the physical work. 

The second workout requires a step and there are also a few moves that use 1 10lb weight, but you can do without if necessary.  Honestly, if you don't have a step, its worth the investment.  A step can be used as a weight bench too.  This workout starts with a standard cardio warm-up using the step, which reminds me of when I used to teach step classes.  It also reminds me how awesome a workout you get with the step and how much I miss it.  I love this!  If you have no experience with the step, you'll have a bit of a learning curve, but if you have done it before, you'll catch on quick as the moves are athletic, not dancey...which is exactly how I used to teach step!

Both workouts involve a ton of jumping, so if you can't do impact exercise, there really isn't any point for you as there aren't really many modifications.  If you are okay with high impact and want quick, intense workouts, I highly recommend this DVD!!

I have one more Cathe DVD to review, but I am honestly loving these workouts so much, I'm already thinking about which of her others I may try.

If you ever doubt that you can get a great workout at home, give these a try and I guarantee you'll let go of any reservations you have about home workouts.  Time, space and money are not valid excuses to be sedentary, where there is a will, there is a way.  Just find your will by trying different forms of activity until you find the one that is right for you!

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