Wednesday, December 31, 2014

2015 Goals

Here's to trying to stay awake until midnight on New Year's Eve...
So, what are your plans for tonight?  Going out?  Partying hard?

We are lucky if we go out at all, but tonight we are.  Nothing wild and crazy though, we're heading to our friends' house and bringing the girls (kids are welcome), so we'll likely be leaving by 9:30pm.  This is as much for Adam and I as it is for them, however, because we have our big New Year's Day party tomorrow and neither of us want to be tired and hung over for it.

Do you have any goals or resolutions for 2015?
Funny new years resolution via

I have only come up with one so far: get better at standing up for myself.

I am a pretty outspoken person and if there is something going on that I feel is unjust on someone else's out!  My problem is standing up for my own rights.  I have never been good at this and it means I often end up being a doormat.  This is, in general, more often a problem for women, who are socialized to look after the needs of others.  It's always bitten me in the butt and it still does.  Especially in the professional sphere, I easily get taken advantage of. 

I was discussing this with a friend and colleague, and she urged me to take this on as something to work on in 2015.  So I am!

Of course, just stating you are going to do something is unlikely to be successful, you need a plan to be able to achieve your goals.  So I am going to start by doing some research about HOW exactly to become more assertive and then then develop an action plan.

Have a wonderful New Year celebration tonight...and don't drink too much!!!

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