Thursday, March 6, 2014

Ketchup With the Latest Products from President's Choice

Ketchup-style with Stevia.jpg

I am so beyond excited that Loblaws seems to have gotten on board with the whole stevia thing!

While the world has been obsessing with the amount of sodium we eat, we seem to have overlooked all the sugar we consume.  The latest research suggests that all this added sugar is just as bad, and very possibly worse for us, than the sodium.  Sugar is linked with not only diabetes and obesity, but also cancer and Alzheimer's disease.  Time to get it out of our diets!

Sugar is added to everything these days from bread and cereal to spaghetti sauce, salad dressing and mayo.  It makes me cringe frankly.  I try to do anything and everything I can do to cut down on the sugar we eat in this house.  Unfortunately, I think my kids still get way too much when they are out of the house. 

Although full of lycopene, ketchup is a huge source of sugar.  It's also a favorite among all of us.  It was actually one of the foods I craved like crazy during both my pregnancies, so I guess it should be no surprise that the girls both adore it too.  Therefore, I am thrilled that Loblaws just came out with a stevia sweetened (and sugar-free!) ketchup as part of its Blue Menu line.  Yehaa!!

I am eager to see what other products they are coming out with using stevia as the sweetener...

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