Friday, March 28, 2014

And the Tides Shift Again...

I'm not giving the kids a time out.

I'm giving myself one.
The thought of sitting
in a corner & being
ignored sounds just

Before I left for New York, Big A and I were at each other's throats.  We'd both had enough of each other.  She was being defiant and utterly rude and obnoxious so even when I was trying to get along with her, she was goading me into fights.  It was making me nuts!  Well, as she said, we did need a break from each other, and actually we have been getting along much better since I got back from my trip.

Little A, however, is another story.  Now she can never be described as an 'easy' child, but she has been so outrageously difficult this week, Adam and I even began to suspect she was coming down with something.  She has been having major fits, often because she has made completely unreasonable demands that I refuse to meet, or because Adam is not around (maybe she got too used to having him around last week?).  But sometimes the fits are triggered by things so ridiculous, I am left seriously wondering if this child has suffered a brain injury.  One morning it was because Big A choose to wear her Flipeez hat, and Little A felt that she shouldn't be allowed to wear it on a day when she is wearing hers.  Three days this week, I delivered her shrieking to her classroom.  I was that parent with that was mortifying!

I have tried to get her to divulge what's going on and asked if something is wrong at school, daycare or elsewhere, or if she isn't feeling good.  But she has denied that anything is the matter.  Yesterday morning she woke up and immediately started having a fit because Adam wasn't around (he is never home when they get up in the morning, so it was no different than any other day!).  Talking to Adam on the phone calmed her down temporarily, but soon after that, she continued to be set off by the most inane things and by the time we walked to school (Little A shrieking and screaming at me the whole way) I was doing some deep breathing exercises to keep myself from completely losing it.

So you better believe I am glad its Friday!

Already the pendulum seems to be shifting back again.  Little A woke up in a sweet, delightful mood, and Big A is being completely obnoxious and disrespectful.  I seriously can't even imagine what things are going to be like when the girls are teenagers.  Man, one day at a time...

My parents are coming to visit this weekend for the first time since my dad's hip surgery in November.  He is finally out of a wheelchair and walking some.  It should be a nice family get-together, I just hope Little A has settled down.

Have a healthy and happy one, and remember...time outs are not just for kids!

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