Monday, April 8, 2013

Night Lights: Bright Light Pillows

Good Monday morning?  How are you feeling?

I still have this darn cold, but thankfully I got a super sleep last night so I definitely feel better than I did.

Speaking of sleeps, I have another find that has made bed times around here a little more bearable.

Little A is very particular about EVERYTHING and the whole bedtime routine is no exception.

One of the things she has been insisting on for months is that her (special, very expensive black out) blinds be raised to let in "a little light". 

Given how detrimental it is to sleep with light (messes up melatonin and can increase risk of breast cancer and other health problems!), this has distressed me, but if we ever tried to fight her on it, she would flip out and scream and cry until we raised the blind a bit.

While it hasn't been a huge deal in winter when it gets dark early and the only light outside her window is from outside street lights, etc. (which is bad enough!), in summer it's a different story.  Even though we've still been having unseasonably cold temps around here, already it's staying daylight bright past 7pm the past few weeks.  So when she fell in love with this fuzzy, pink, heart-shaped night light pillow at the mall a few weeks ago, I gave in a bought it for her on the condition that she allow us to fully close her blinds from now on.

The Bright Light Pillow comes in a few shapes and variety of colours, and lights up when you tap it.  They are extremely soft and cosy and the light goes off after 15 minutes.  It's been the perfect solution for us!  She has her light while she is falling asleep, and then it shuts off on its own.  I'm loving this thing!

The pillows cost between $20-$30 and you can buy them online.

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  1. Aww how cute! Definitely a good solution to the light problem.