Friday, August 17, 2012

Spoiled Sports

It's not been an easy week. 

I've been feeling a bit crappy since last weekend.  I caught the bug that seems to be going around right now, and on-and-off for the past week I've had a sore throat, headache and upset stomach.  I've also had a few bad night sleeps, which hasn't happened in a while.  Sick and tired is not a good combo and generally makes me a big grump.

On top of all that, Little A may have caught the bug too.  Sunday we suspected she was coming down with something but Monday she seemed fine.  Until swimming lessons Monday night.  She refused to get into the pool, claiming to have a sore tummy.  But since she's been reluctant about lessons from the start this session due to being assigned a 'boy' teacher, Adam thought she was faking.  Nevertheless, she insisted on going right to bed when we got home, sans dinner, bath or stories. 

So we kept her home on Tuesday.  Ironically, she appeared 100% the whole day.  Good appetite, full of energy - perhaps even more than usual! - and in a great mood.  She was absolutely thrilled to have a 'home day with mommy'.

We dropped off Big A at daycare and then stopped in at Fiesta Farms to pick up a few things.  Then we headed home.  I ate breakfast and then we drove to the Dufferin Mall.  Big A and I had just finished a decorate-your-own jewelry box kit:
Decorate-Your-Own Wooden Heart Box
Little A had been asking for one, so I thought this would make a nice 'sick-day' activity for us.  But when we got to the mall (after I bought her a strawberry smoothie), she saw a Baby Alive Better Now and HAD to have it!

 Baby Alive Better Now Baby - Caucasian Colors may vary

She was being such a sweetie pie, I couldn't resist, especially since she agreed to give away 2 toys we already have in exchange for this one.  I had fantasies of her entertaining herself with this new doll for hours and having it inspire her to go to med school one day (and become some sort of specialist doctor who makes buckets of money and can support her aging parents in a life of luxury...).

By this time, she'd gotten Sha Sha ginger cookies from Fiesta Farms, a popsicle at home, a smoothie, and a doll.  I picked up a new dress for Big A's Barbies so that things weren't entirely unfair.   Yet Little A exclaimed, "I got more things than Big A!", "Yes, I said, you've been really spoiled today."  "Yes, so I really happy!" she grinned at me.  I know, I know, I'm a sucker!

I was actually enjoying the day with her.  Until about 2pm.  She'd woken up at 5:30am and refused to nap, so as she became more tired, she became impossibly grumpy.  Oh, and my hopes for the doll were crushed pretty quick.  The band aids that come with her didn't stick well on the doll, so this just frustrated and angered Little A and we had to throw them away.  The medicine spoon doesn't actually produce medicine, so she lost interest in it quickly.  The sippy cup was the only thing she cared about, but she was more interested in drinking from it herself rather than giving it to the doll.  She also insisted on ripping the diaper off her immediately AND THEN feeding her the sippy cup, which made the doll 'pee' all over the house.  Once that happened, she lost interest in the doll altogether and only wanted to watch tv.  I did manage to drag her away from the television to make banana muffins, of which she ate 3 as soon as they were cooled.  Her tummy appeared to be better.

I, however, felt like a disaster Tuesday night.  So while Adam bathed the girls, I sat in a hot epsom salt bath for 20 minutes.  So Wednesday it was back to daycare for Little A and I took a mental health day.  Wednesday evening though, set me back again.  I picked up the girls so I could take Big A to skating and the two of them fought in the car the whole way there and the whole way home.  I was so discombobulated from the screaming and crying, that I smashed our tail-light pulling into the garage (okay, and admittedly, parking in narrow spaces is not my forte).

Yesterday Big A had a playdate with a friend which meant Little A was going to daycare by herself.  This made for a challenging morning.  Little A wanted plain applesauce at breakfast, but we only had apple strawberry.  This - combined with the fact that she wanted to go with Big A on her playdate - was enough to have her in a state of hysteria.  I had to drive them to daycare so I could take the car into the shop to be fixed and I had to literally throw Little A over my shoulder and wrestle her into her car seat.  She shrieked the entire ride to the daycare. 

Several hundred dollars later, the car is as good as new and it's finally Friday.  It's the Can Fit Pro conference this weekend, so inspite of waking up with another headache and upset stomach, I'm trying to muster up the energy to survive it.  Perhaps a little retail therapy in the trade show will energize me.  Don't worry Adam, I promise not to spend too much ;)