Friday, August 10, 2012

On Thin Ice

When we decided to put the girls into skating lessons this summer, they were both initially very excited.  No one complained about having to wear a helmut (not something we had to do as kids), particularly Little A, who got a pink helmut, and both of them were thrilled with their girlie skates.

These are the ones we got for Big A.  She thinks they look like high heels, which apparently is such a novelty, I think if we let her, she'd wear them all the time. 

Big A immediately loved skating and is enthusiastic to learn.  I think it helps that there are often young figure skaters practicing before our lesson and Big A is just as enchanted with the 'skin colour tights' and 'twirly skirts' they get to wear, as well as their agility and gracefulness.

It's a different story with Little A.  She began equally enthusiastic, perhaps a little nervous, but buoyed by her pink princess skates.

By the end of the first lesson, the teacher had gotten her to be able to stay standing for 30 seconds, but that was enough for her.  She has made it abundantly clear, and in no uncertain terms, is she ever getting back on the ice.  Adam and I don't usually allow the kids to quit things, but she is young to be on skates, and I still have bad memories of our attempt to put her into gymnastics which we abandoned after too many temper trantrums and screaming fits that forced us to give up.  This is one stubborn, strong-willed kid!

So Big A is going solo now, which isn't such a bad thing as she will probably benefit more from lessons at this point anyways.  But I'm not overly impressed by the skating club.  The teacher forgot to tell us lessons were cancelled this week.  So on Wednesday I picked up the girls early from daycare, had to deal with a miserable Little A, who initially didn't even want to come with us to the rink even though I promised she didn't have to go on the ice, drove all the way, and discovered - after already getting Big A changed and into her skates -little kids playing hockey on the rink.  None of the teachers from the skating club were anywhere to be found.  After I sent her teacher an email, I got an "Oops, sorry" and was also informed that even though we spent a small fortune on these lessons and Little A will now not be attending anymore, we can't get much of a refund.  It also irks me that the teachers show little concern for starting the 30 minute classes on time, but, of course, are always punctual about ending them on time.  Me thinks if we do more lessons (which Big A wants), we will try another skating club!

Unforuntately, my fantasies about skating being a family activity for us this winter are clearly not going to materialize.  In fact, Little A suggested she could stay home with daddy, while Big A and I go skating.  Hmm, Big A and I having a mommy-daughter activity we do together?  Actually, that could be a very good thing.