Friday, April 20, 2012

Little A's Big Day

Sunday - Earth Day - Little A turns 3.  She has turned into quite the little lady.  So different from her sister, yet similar in certain ways: strong personality, stubborn and opinionated.  As my mother always says, "Geez, I wonder where they get THAT from?"  Nothing to wonder about there!

I am bracing myself for a house full of 2 and 3 year olds tomorrow.  After recovering from my stomach bug last weekend, I came down with Big A's cold, and man is it a doozy!  I am so congested that I can't taste or smell ANYTHING.  Blah!  Hopefully I'll be better when I hope on the plane to New York on Monday.

Anyways, even though I'm feeling crumby, I have an endless list of things to do today.  I just pulled out the birthday cake (recipe and photos will eventually follow), and it looks great, but I'm nervous Little A won't be happy.  She has changed her mind SO MANY TIMES from cupcakes, to cake pops, to the current choice, that I can see her changing her mind again tomorrow when she sees her latest request.  Up until now she has wanted a vanilla cake, but just this morning she decided she wants chocolate instead.  The icing, however, still has to be pink, so I'll be experimenting later today to get the right hue without food colouring.  She has already decided that for next year, she wants rainbow cupcakes.  For THAT, I will spend the $18 and buy the natural food colourings I found online.  I don't know why, but I can't find them ANYWHERE in Toronto, not even Whole Foods carries them!

Also, after months of forbidding me from inviting any boys because boys are "scary", this week Little A decided that EVERYONE is welcome to come, and I mean EVERYONE.  She's been inviting everyone she sees, including our adult neighbours and our neighbours' cat.  I have tried to explain that it's too late for this party, but next year she can have a big co-ed affair if she pleases.

After all, we only got 10 bears from Build-a-Bear, and we have a smallish house so I think we've hit the limit for this party.  The guests arrive at 10:30am tomorrow and will then each get their own bear, and a t-shirt for the bear that they can decorate.  I bought ribbons, adhesive rhinestones and gems, stickers and other items for them  to use to decorate.  Then we will serve pizza (ordered from a place that does party pizzas with whole wheat crust!), fresh cut up veggies and fruit, and then the cake.  Then everyone goes home and I take a valium, a swig of vodka, or both.

Little A has decided that the donations we have requested from folks, instead of a gift, will go towards helping the animals at the Toronto Humane Society, which is no surprise given her love of animals.

Even if we survive tomorrow's soiree, it's not over yet!  May 5th we do the joint party for the girls with family, and May 12th is Big A's party.  Thank goodness birthdays only happen once a year!

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