Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Holiday? Oy Vey!!

For many of us, today is the first day back after a long holiday weekend.  If you have young children, or at least young children who do not always act like angels, than this may mean that you are feeling a little more tired than refreshed this morning.  I'd have to say Adam and I fall into this category.

Like most family weekends, it was good, it was bad and it was downright ugly.

Friday started off nicely enough.  Friends came over for a playdate in the morning and then we took the girls for a walk and a stop in the neighbourhood gelato cafe where we bought them fresh, homemade pizza and gelato for lunch.  Adam took Big A to his office in the afternoon and although Little A refused a nap, the 10 minutes of "quiet time" in her bed was somehow enough to get her through to bedtime without any major meltdowns.

Saturday morning Adam and his dad took the girls to the Science Centre while I did errands and finished preparing all the food for our sedar.  Little A refused a rest of any sort and this time we paid for it with much grumpiness at dinner.  After a rushed sedar, we scooted home to get the girls to bed before any more fireworks could erupt.

Sunday morning Adam took the girls to Christie Pits park while I taught my spinning class.  After lunch we packed up the girls in the car and headed out to a farm north of the city ( for some Easter activities.  Unfortunately, the beautiful weather turned to cold, wind and rain soon after we began driving.  By the time we got to the farm, it was too miserable to enjoy being outdoors.  We stayed just long enough for the girls to do the Easter Egg scramble and collect some chocolate rewards.  Then we packed it in and drove back to my in-laws for a visit.

Yesterday Adam took the girls to Dufferin Grove park while I picked up a few things at Dufferin mall.  By the time I picked them up from the park, Adam was completely fed up with Little A and her tantrums.  Lately it takes nothing at all to set her off and yesterday was full of whining punctuated with multiple dramatic meltdowns.  We headed home for lunch and then packed ourselves up for a long promised trip to the Fantasy Fair indoor amusement park.  The predicted rain, however, held off, and instead there was the beautiful weather that had been promised for Sunday - when we went to the farm.  Sigh!  Nevertheless, we could not renege on our promise, so off we went. 

We had hoped that since some people did have to work yesterday, that it would not be too busy.  But we did not anticipate that there would be a massive festival for Orthodox Jews hosted by DJ Phil at the fair!

Oy vey!  DJ Phil, a rotund, bearded fellow, managed to attract about 200 Orthodox Jewish families, each with at least 3 children...this meant that the place was ridiculously crowded!  There was a long line to get our wrist bands, there were long lines for every ride.  It was a mad house.  By 5:15pm Adam and I had had more than enough of the noise, the rides, the crowds and the overheated mall.  But - of course - Little A had other ideas.  Inspite of being deliriously tired, she did not want to leave.  The car ride home involved many tears, yelling and screaming from all 4 of us.  Little A then passed out just as we pulled on to our street.  When trying to get the girls into the bathtub led to another round of meltdowns, Adam had to excuse himself, go lock himself in his study and have a time out. 

All I can say is thank goodness the weekend is OVER.  Not many relaxing weekends ahead, though.  Next week we go to Kingston for my dad's 70th birthday, the weekend after that is Little A's birthday party, two weeks after that we do the joint birthday party for the girls with family, and the week after that is Big A's birthday party with her friends.  At least Adam and I are getting away, just the two of us, to Washington D.C. the first weekend in June.  Hopefully, we will have a chance to relax and celebrate our 10 year anniversary which is coming up on May 19th.  Hey, if your marriage can withstand the stresses and strains of children like ours, you know you must be doing something right!

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