Monday, March 26, 2012


Good morning!  Isn't life wonderful?

If you feel like throwing your coffee at me for being so perky on a Monday morning, don't worry, if I try hard enough, I can find lots to complain about.

My tongue still hurts like CRAZY, which is really pissing me off since my cracker accident happened last Wednesday.  And I can't even elicit much sympathy from Adam who thinks I'm quackers for hurting myself in such an absurb manner.  In my defence, it really hurts to either talk or eat, and since I do so much of both, it's basically hurting all the time!

It's also COLD here in Toronto after weeks of spring and summer like weather, which meant a bit of a battle this morning trying to convince the girls that they had to wear their winter jackets.

Big A discovered that one of her top front teeth is starting to get wiggly, which made her unwilling to eat breakfast and cry all the way to school because she claimed it hurt so much.  Adam and I are convinced she has the lowest pain tolerance of anyone on this planet.  A wiggly tooth can't possibly hurt as much as an injured tongue!

But honestly, such minor annoyances aside, life is good.  In fact, I am so stoked about the fact that I won an awesome gift basket from nutritionist, Marni Wasserman, last week!  I never win stuff, and the basket is full of Filsinger's products, which are marvelous.  Local and organically produced, Filsinger's makes all sorts of apple, pear and grape products.  The basket I won contains a huge jug of their apple cider, apple cider vinegar (which you know I cook with like crazy!), apple sauce and pear sauce.  I can't wait to cook and bake with it all!

Since some days...particularly cold Mondays, we require cheering up with small pleasures, I thought I'd share some of my current faves with you.

Scents can dramatically affect mood so I am in love with the J. R. Watkins line of natural cleaning products, particularly the lavender scented all-purpose cleaner  Aromatherapy for house work?  I'm all for it 'cause I hate cleaning!  I need a little comfort and mood brightener when I'm doing menial tasks that I despise!

I also love Grapefruit Mate all natural room deodorizer.

Although I adore cooking with exotic spices, I can't stand food smells lingering about in my home.  Most commercial deodorizers contain pthalates and other toxic, carcinogenic compounds.  This is completely non-toxic and safe.  It's potent, so a little goes a long way, but it definitely clears the air and leaves a light, refreshing citrus smell.

I've mentioned the Live Clean line of hair products before, which I now use regularly.  But I thought I should also mention that they have a baby line, which is awesome.  I use their baby wash and shampoo on the girls.

Big A, who now has very long hair that tends to get extremely tangly and as I mentioned, has an exceptionally low pain tolerance, is often reluctant to let us brush it out and when we do, it can lead to hysteria.  So Adam and I always insist on using Live Clean's detangler for kids, which does a great job of allowing us to drag a brush through her curls with minimal complaints.
Both the baby wash and the detangler smell fabulous and can make wrestling your filthy children into the tub a little more bearable. 

Hey, I know Mondays can suck, so at least try to squeeze as much pleasure from the day where you can by appealing to your senses with some delicious tastes and smells to brighten up the beginning of your week!

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