Monday, February 20, 2012

Puppet Shows

I know I've mentioned before that I'm not the biggest fan of live theatre...but I did admit that I adored Two Pianos, Four Hands a few months ago.  I also forgot to mention that I absolutely love Ronnie Burkett. 

If you are not familiar with Ronnie, he does puppet shows.  Yes, puppet shows.  Marionettes, actually.  His work is definitely for adults though, and not for children!

Adam first took me to one of his shows when we were dating.  I thought he'd gone mad when he first told me he was taking me to see a show with marionettes.  But I was completely blown away by this man's brilliance, so I was more than happy to see another show of his with Adam a few years later.

When I heard he was touring his latest show, Penny Plain, here in Toronto, I eagerly bought tickets for Adam and I, and we went yesterday. 

I am sad to say we were both somewhat disappointed, this show pales in comparison to his other ones we have seen.  That being said, there were some very funny moments, and - as in all his shows - some very moving and poignant moments.  Still amazing to see how he coordinates all the puppets too (he does all the voices and movement of the puppets himself).  Even though this show doesn't live up to his others, if you haven't seen his stuff before, you will probably still be blown away.  So if you are lucky enough to have him perform where you live, I urge you to go see him.

Here is an interview with him about Penny Plain:

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