Saturday, November 5, 2011

Oscar-Winning Performance

I thought given her propensity for getting dirty and her gross-out sense of humour, that Little A was going to be the next Tom Green.

I think I'm wrong. I think she is going to be the next Meryl Streep.

Today after Little A's gymnastics class we took the girls to Costco. It was crowded craziness and everyone seemed to have a case of the grumpies. So Adam and I kept trying our best to keep the girls, who were running around, out of everyone's way.

Towards the end of our shopping, Adam took off to look for something and I had both girls. They were horsing around and ended up with Little A lying on top of Big A on the ground in the middle of a busy aisle. I ordered them to stand up but they both claimed they were "stuck" and needed my help. I grabbed Little A's right arm and pulled her up. She began howling that I hurt her arm. At first I wasn't worried, but she kept holding her arm and wailing...and she usually gets over even major booboos very quickly. When she was still screaming and holding her arm 20 minutes later when we piled into the car with our groceries, I was in a panic and told Adam we might have to take her to the hospital.

All I could think about was how I would explain to the doctors that I accidently broke or dislocated my child's arm!

We got home and Little A asked to go up for her nap (really her quiet time because she doesn't nap anymore). Adam and I decided that we would let her lie down and if she was still complaining about her arm, one of us would take her to the ER when she got up. I took her upstairs and the minute she laid eyes on her favorite teddy, she forgot all about her arm. She had 90 minutes of quiet time (singing happily in her bed) and then she called for me. No mention of her arm. As I write this, she is zooming around and seems 100%.

Anyone know where you can get Oscar de la Renta gowns to fit a 2 year old?

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