Friday, November 25, 2011

New Day, New Name

Today I officially submitted my Major Case Presentation for school! This means as soon as it is approved, I AM OFFICIALLY DONE. No more degrees, I promise. I am now so close to my dream of being a therapist that I can taste it.

I named this blog "Tales of a 30 Something Nothing" when I started it 2 years ago because I was having a major self-esteem crisis. I was distraught over being 35 and going back to school AGAIN in order to start a new career.

These days this is not uncommon, of course, but I could not stop beating myself up for the stupid decisions I had made about my education and career up to that point.

And let's face it, the truth is, instead of wasting so much time doing a BA, MA and PhD in subjects which only led to a completely unfulfilling research career, I could have gone to med school and be happily practicing as a family doctor or psychiatrist, or done a BA, MA and Phd in clinical psychology and would now be a registered psychologist, and be MAKING WAY MORE MONEY than I may EVER make.

But you cannot change the past, you can only learn from it. Regret is useless. And the self-flaggelation...well I'm past it. I have to be. I cannot very well tell my counselling clients these things and not walk the walk.

So I'm changing the name of this blog to "Healthy Life Lessons" because I feel I have learned a lot over the past two years about myself, about people and about life...and hopefully all of you, my readers, occasionally learn something from my rants and musings too!