Friday, November 25, 2011

New Day, New Name

Today I officially submitted my Major Case Presentation for school! This means as soon as it is approved, I AM OFFICIALLY DONE. No more degrees, I promise. I am now so close to my dream of being a therapist that I can taste it.

I named this blog "Tales of a 30 Something Nothing" when I started it 2 years ago because I was having a major self-esteem crisis. I was distraught over being 35 and going back to school AGAIN in order to start a new career.

These days this is not uncommon, of course, but I could not stop beating myself up for the stupid decisions I had made about my education and career up to that point.

And let's face it, the truth is, instead of wasting so much time doing a BA, MA and PhD in subjects which only led to a completely unfulfilling research career, I could have gone to med school and be happily practicing as a family doctor or psychiatrist, or done a BA, MA and Phd in clinical psychology and would now be a registered psychologist, and be MAKING WAY MORE MONEY than I may EVER make.

But you cannot change the past, you can only learn from it. Regret is useless. And the self-flaggelation...well I'm past it. I have to be. I cannot very well tell my counselling clients these things and not walk the walk.

So I'm changing the name of this blog to "Healthy Life Lessons" because I feel I have learned a lot over the past two years about myself, about people and about life...and hopefully all of you, my readers, occasionally learn something from my rants and musings too!


  1. Mazal Tov! I see so much of myself in you (or so much of you in me). I aspire to one day have the time to be able to figure myself out as well. I'd love to know what I want to be when I grow up. We struggled with infertility for years (and I still see myself as infertile and still see myself struggling with those issues - the emotions - the "unfairness" of it all and what it means for my/our future. So mazal tov, cousin. I hope to be just a few paces behind you. Your blog reminds me to keep plugging through and continues to inspire me to be healthy. (Now - if only it could make me enjoy working out....)

  2. Aw thanks Leslie! I understand...infertility seems to leave an indelible mark on one's self-confidence. It's really not fair. All things considered, we are very fortunate and my heart breaks for all the clients I see who are never able to have a child despite many, many years of invasive, expensive treatments. And yet, the "Why me?" feelings never really go away.

    Frankly, I don't know how you could possibly have time to do more than you already do! Mom of 3, chauffeur duties, cooking and baking, counselling your WW clients, etc. You've already got so much on your plate.

    I think what I struggle with most about my life to-date is I feel like I used school as an escape when I didn't know what else to do. In the end, it cost me years of earning potential and work experience, which at this point, would have been far more helpful. But it is what it is.

    I wish we lived closer 'cause I KNOW I could make you love working out ;)