Saturday, March 5, 2011


A lot of my courses at school, particularly the one I am currently taking, require a lot of self-disclosure. After all, if you cannot admit your own challenges, foibles, fears and vulnerabilities, how can you expect your therapy clients to?

So I have learned quite a lot of personal information about many of my classmates and I am simply awed by them. So many of these individuals - most of them already working in the counselling/social service field - have overcome enormous hardship and trauma. We are talking about things like losing a parent at a young age, losing a child to suicide or accident, divorce, and emotional and physical abuse. Yet, they have all come out swinging, with more strength and optimism than I think I could ever muster if I were in their position. It is really inspiring.

The courage and bravery with which these folks approach their lives has made me acutely aware lately of just how lucky I am. My biggest challenges right now simply pale in comparison with the hurdles that they have overcome. So I wanted to publicly acknowledge everything I am grateful for:

* My health
* My loyal, reliable, supportive husband
* My beautiful, healthy children
* My wonderful friends and family
* My financial security
* Living in a free and peaceful country

Unfortunately, it is human nature to become consumed with the minutiae of daily life, so I am sure this acknowledgement of the bigger picture will be obscured with my usual rants about toddler tantrums and hamstring pain. But at this moment I feel blessed, fulfilled and grateful for everything and everyone in my life.

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  1. so very, very, very true. It is easy to get lost in the stress of a particular day, but I think so important to remember to let go of those, as you say, minutiae, and look at how good we do have it. And I think the more we focus on the good things, the happier we feel too :)