Friday, July 2, 2010

Happy 143rd Birthday Canada!

P1: I emailed a fellow student at school who has been in all the same classes as me and asked her what she thinks of Professor A-hole (she is currently in a different section of the same course). She has exactly the same impression of this guy that I do: arrogant, unprofessional, inflexible and condescending. At least it's not just me! I am just counting down the days until it's over and I don't have to deal with him anymore. Both of us, however, are going to have our say in the course evaluation, that's for sure. This guy really shouldn't be teaching!

P2: Canada Day went much better than expected. Holidays are, of course, not really holidays once you are a parent, unless you leave your kids with someone else. We've done that once with Big A when we went to Chicago when I was pregnant with Little A. We left her with my in-laws and it went very well..we hope to do it again next year, possibly with a trip to San Francisco.

Anyways, yesterday was actually pretty successful, although very exhausting. We took the girls to the Whitchurch-Stouffville Strawberry Festival. Our day started SUPER early as both girls were up before 6:30am. We got in the car around 10am assuming Little A would have a good 1 hour nap on the way. Unfortunately, she only fell asleep when we were 15 minutes from the destination and woke up as soon as we got there. The good news is the little car hater was very happy the whole time she was awake. I got smart and let her bring her favorite bear and favorite doll and it made a huge difference. And snacks for both girls helped too.

After the petting zoo (Big A was kind of fearful and had to be coaxed into even touching a little pink bunny - they coloured the bunnies different colours, like pink, blue and green, which I thought was a little strange), the carnival (rides, fun house, a candy apple and winning a stuffed animal for Big A and running around with us chasing her for Little A) we went swimming in the outdoor pools (they had a toddler pool, shallow pool and big regular pool) and froze our buns off. It was cool and breezy yesterday (which made me very happy) and not really swimming weather but Big A insisted. Then we got back into the car around 3pm and assumed both girls would have a good snooze. Big A fell asleep almost immediately and Little A fell asleep 15 minutes from home. So Adam drove around the block a few times while I unloaded a few things and picked up the hostess gift for my friend who's BBQ we were headed for. As soon as I got back in the car Little A woke up. So that made a total of less than 45 minutes of sleep for her. At my friend's party, both girls were grumpy but since there were toys to play with and other kids, we were able to stick it out until about 5:45pm. Then we headed home and Adam bathed our 2 sticky, filthy kids while I made them scrambled eggs. Little A got grumpy around 6:30pm so I breastfed her and we thought we'd put her to bed early. But the nursing gave her a second wind and all of a sudden she was in a fantastic mood. "What do you have in those things?" Adam asked me incredulously, pointing at my chest. So he and I lay almost comatose on the couch while the girls played and ate and ate and ate (I guess being outside all day whet their appetites?). We both have colds, which might partly explain our lethargy but the energy level of the girls was still pretty impressive, especially considering the limited sleep they got during the day. Nevertheless, we made it through a whole day with the 2 of them without any major tantrums or crying spells. I can't recall the last time that happened on a weekend day! Happy birthday Canada!

Tomorrow my in-laws are away and they usually have one or both girls in the morning while Adam is at the gym. So I'm on my own with the kids AND it's supposed to be 6000 degrees. I'm not sure what's going to be more of a challenge: surviving the high temperature and humidity or surviving the kids...

F1: New lunch idea

I found that Sobeys frozen wild salmon burgers that you just pan fry (or you can bbq) for about 5 minutes a side. I tried them on a whole wheat bagel spread with a thin layer of cream cheese and a sprinkle of dill (1 burger on each half if you're a big eater like me). Yum!

F2: When exercising in the extreme heat/humidity, try to do it in the early morning or evening and STAY HYDRATED!!!!

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