Friday, November 18, 2016

Temporary Radio Silence

Hello and happy Friday!

I am glad its the end of the week, it felt like a tough one. I came down with a cold which has left me with a headache and tons of mucus. I get sick so much less often than I used to that when I do catch something, I feel even more frustrated. But obviously expecting to never get sick isn't realistic!

On top of that, its been a crazy busy week between work and the girls' and their activities and our related commitments (last night was parent-teacher night at their school).

To make matters even more complicated, our brand new oven died. I know, like WTF? Our research suggests that it needs its electronic panel replaced AND that this is a common problem with this model. Unfortunately, the company we bought it from is offering servicing, not a replacement. If this becomes an ongoing problem with this oven, I am going to lose my shit.

Oh and if you think that's bad, last night our downstairs toilet overflowed. Oh yes it did! We had to call the plumber for an emergency visit. So $250 later (took him 5 minutes to fix it) and a very long and disgusting cleaning process and that mess is thankfully over.

On the bright side,  I have never been more proud of my kids. Their teachers spoke so highly of them both. They are both very strong in math, as well as most other areas, but more importantly, they are good people. Wow, somehow we seem to be doing something right!

This weekend isn't going to be any slower. Tonight I am going to a friend's party. Not my usual Friday night plan (usually I work late and then go to bed early). But I am sure it will be fun.

Tomorrow I have to work. A lot.

Sunday I start the first part of an intensive professional training program. I promise I will tell you all about it when its done!

I have not managed to write any blog posts ahead of time, so this will be the last you hear from me until next Friday, so have a wonderful week and we'll catch up then.

Stay happy and healthy friends!

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