Friday, January 18, 2013

Freakin' Freezing Friday

Holy crap it's cold today!  Toronto is really not a good place to live if you hate temperature extremes:  stinking hot in the summer and ass-kicking cold in the winter.  But to be honest, I'll take the cold over the heat.  At least warming up can be fun with some comforting hot drinks and a cosy fireplace!  Also, there are added bonuses to the colder weather like not having to deal with frizzy hair, and not having to coat your entire body every morning in sun block (which of course you all do every day on every part of your body exposed to the sun...right?!?).

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Despite the chilly weather, the sun is shining bright, which is good because I'm in a snit right now.  Blogger is no longer allowing me to upload pictures from my computer.  I wasted far too much time already this morning trying to fix the problem but have not succeeded.  Fabulous!

Such frustrations are just what I need on what is the beginning of a crazy busy weekend.  But it's all good. 

Today is nuts.  I have a consult w ith the head nurse from one of the fertility clinics I work with this morning, then I am meeting with Lucinda Sykes, in preparation for the meditation course I'm starting with her soon, then I have several appointments with clients.  Tomorrow  I am doing another aerial yoga class (yipee!), Big A has gymnastics, and then we have a landscaper coming to discuss our plans for our front yard this coming spring.  Saturday night Adam and I actually have a date - we are having dinner with some of his colleagues - so my in-laws are babysitting the girls.  Sunday I teach my spinning class at the JCC, Big A has Hebrew School and Fitkids class, and Little A has swimming.  Sunday afternoon, Big A is going to her boyfriend's 5th birthday party and then we have to take the girls to the mall because they both need new shoes.

What do you have planned this weekend?  What to you do to get through the cold winter months?

Well my friends, have a great weekend.  Keep warm and carry on...

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