Wednesday, June 23, 2010

The Missing Shoe

Okay, give me the "Worst Mother of the Year" award.

Yesterday on our way home from picking up Big A at daycare, Big A grabbed Little A's foot in the stroller and pulled her shoe off. Because it was disgustingly hot and humid I was feeling pissy and decided to just throw her shoe under the stroller. When we got home, said shoe was missing. Big A and Adam hopped in the car and drove up and down the street looking for the shoe but to no avail. I was beyond frustrated because it is the only pair of shoes we have that fit her aside from white patent leather Mary Janes that Big A wore once to my sister-on-law's wedding. So this morning, since Adam took Big A to my mother-in-law's for the day, I put Little A in the stroller and tried to re-trace our steps (she was none to happy to have to wear the Mary Janes!). When we were half way down the street, Little A threw the little container she was eating her breakfast out of and it rolled right under a parked car. As I crawled underneath the car to retrieve it, I heard someone running down the sidewalk behind me. I looked up to see a woman grabbing the stroller just as it was about to roll into the street in the path of a large van. OMG! After my heart flip-flopped, I thanked the woman, who smiled and walked away briskly...I am sure thinking to herself what an idiot I am!

This is the second time this week I have been shamed publicly because of my parenting skills (or lack thereof). Big A was having her usual tantrum as we left the house Monday morning. I had to drop off a form at her school where she starts in September and she didn't want to. So I decided to forget it and just take her straight to daycare but then she changed her mind and started screaming that she DID want to go to the school. On our way home after dropping off Big A at daycare, Little A and I went to the grocery store. A couple in front of me at the check-out bent down and started cooing at Little A in the stroller. Then the woman stood up and said, "So did she go to the school?". I was momentarily confused. I explained that Little A doesn't go to school yet. "No, your older daughter." She said. I realized she witnessed our fracas earlier and was mortified. She then asked how old Big A is and then said, "Wow, she's really loud in the morning." Well apparently the whole neighbourhood must hear Big A screaming because I didn't recognize this couple and I don't think they even live on our street. No wonder I often feel like my neighbours are giving me dirty looks...

Little A is so funny and peculiar. She has decided she will only eat cheese strings whole, out of the wrapper and bananas whole, out of the peel. Little pieces of cheese or banana won't do. I bought her new shoes to replace the old ones and a pair of sandals for the hot weather. Unfortunately, when I try to put the sandals on without socks she gets hysterical. So my little sweetie has that early 90s fashion look of socks and sandals on her feet. Big A became very particular about what she wears by 18 months. At just 14 months I fear that Little A may give her a run for her money. Adam and I are so in for it. As difficult as these early years are, I can only imagine what life is going to be like when the girls are both teenagers.

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