Friday, May 14, 2010


I am so excited right now I could burst!

I had my meeting with Dr. M today at Mount Sinai to discuss my volunteer position at the hospital. It went better than I ever dreamed it would! She actually wants us to work together on making my position (and the issue of providing support resources to women following miscarriage) into a research study! She is going to get me appointed as her research assistant, rather than a volunteer, and we are going to try and get the data published in a peer reviewed journal. She also connected me with Andrea, the head of first trimester care at the hospital, who is often one of the first to see women who have just been told they lost their pregnancy. She said there was a high demand for my services and was very excited to have me on board. She was also eager to collaborate on the research side of things.

Of course now I feel incredibly under pressure because I have to write up the research proposal and ethics board submission and I also feel like I have to live up to some high expectations. Dr. M. is a Harvard trained physician who is unbelievably accomplished. She seems to have a lot of confidence in me and I am desperately scared of letting her down. If I succeed, this could make my future career. If I fail, I may be doing nothing but teaching Brazilian Butt Lift classes for the rest of my life...

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