Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Long Weekend Bliss

My thankful face
In Canada we're all a little thankful this morning...that its not Monday!  What can be bad about a 4 day work week??

Another thing I am thankful for is the glorious weather we are having.  My favorite kind of weather: sunny, mild and absolutely delightful.

We had a great long weekend that was pretty low key, and didn't actually involve a traditional Thanksgiving celebration.  Saturday and Sunday were busy with activities and errands, and Adam and I took the girls while we voted in the advanced polls, but yesterday we went, along with my brother and his family, to Whittamore's Farm so the kids could run around and enjoy the festivities.  The weather couldn't have been more perfect but the farm was more like a was so busy! The line up to get in was an hour long!! Later in the day we took the girls, and one of Big A's friends to the park and then had her over for dinner.

Giving thanks, for some reason, seems to be a tough practice to instill in children.  It is definitely not an innate instinct.  Our girls are pretty good at saying thank you (most of the time), but I still wouldn't say they have a sense of gratitude, even at ages 9 and 6.  But Adam and I try our best to make them understand just how lucky they are.

On that note, with the impending federal election here in Canada, there are some heated debates going on about what's best for the future of this country.  Several people I know have noted, however, that no matter who wins the election and what direction certain pressing issues take, we will still be most fortunate to me living in this country.  Its hard to argue with that!

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