Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Breathe Easy

October is National Healthy Lung Month so lets discuss these vital organs.

There are a number of factors that can affect our lung health. Smoking, of course! Genetics is one that is non-modifiable, but another significant risk factor is exposure to various toxins including air pollution, radon gas and asbestos. If you want information on asbestos and lung cancer, please visit

Lung Cancer Causes Infographic

Lung cancer isn't the only disease that can afflict these organs, there is also asthma, COPD, and various viruses that can infect the lungs.

The lungs are critical to our health because they help us breathe.   So here are some things you can do to maintain healthy lung function:

1. Don't smoke or quit smoking. You have to know that the worst thing you can do for your lungs is smoke.  In fact, smoking is about the worst thing you can do for every cell in your body period. Also try to avoid second hand smoke as much as possible.

2. Exercise. Regular exercise can help you increase you lung capacity.  A greater lung capacity allows the body to circulate oxygen faster. Exercise is the best way to 'detox' your body.

3. Check your home for radon and asbestos and have any removed by certified professionals.

4. Clean and service your furnace and air conditioner in your home on a regular basis.

5. Wear a gas mask every day if you live in a polluted urban environment (kidding!).

Happy Lung Health Everyone!

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