Friday, October 2, 2015

Autumn Wellness

From Wednesday onward, this week has been my paradise: sunny and just cool enough for long pants.  Hello jeans, I missed you so!!!  I love autumn: the colours, smells, and, of course, flavours. I just wish it lasted longer.  Torontonians know we basically have two seasons: winter and summer, with two tiny little transitional periods called fall and spring.

While the temperatures may be cooling, that doesn't mean you need to start hiding under blankets sipping hot toddies and fueling up with heavy comfort food.  This time of year is full of opportunities for health and fitness if you look for it.

Now that the stifling heat and humidity is gone, its a perfect time to take a walk, go cycling, go for a hike, get outside and go apple picking, check out a farmer's market, or explore the country side.

This is also the time of year when all sorts of scrumptious produce are at their peak.  You know I love apples!!!  Just one of the many things I love about fall. I always look for new varieties to try and enjoy my tried and true favorites.  Don't forget about root vegetables and brassica veggies too, all packed with nutrition and fibre and so satisfying.  And don't forget about pumpkin spice everything!!
Don't fall into the trap of consuming high calorie coffee-like beverages full of sugar and chemicals from the coffee chains, instead try a new flavoured tea for a healthy, hot drink.  This one is currently my favorite:

And there's Halloween, which the kids have been planning in detail since November 1st of last year...and Thanksgiving, which celebrates nature's bounty.

I am very excited because this Sunday I am doing a presentation on konjac, and providing samples of some of my yummy recipes, as part of Marni Wasserman's Fall into Health Retreat. I'll be speaking about its health benefits and uses in the kitchen and sharing healthy chocolate chip blondies, pumpkin spice cookies, and no-sugar strawberry jam!

Have a lovely weekend and go out there and enjoy all that fall has to offer, you gotta get out there while it lasts!! Oh and if you live in a tropical climate where there is no real autumn...well it sucks to be you!

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