Friday, October 30, 2015

A Week of Halloween Horrors

Its been quite a week. I wish I could say TGIF, but the craziness is going to continue this weekend.

Monday, of course, began with an epic meltdown from Little A.  My parents were still here from their weekend visit and were pretty shocked with her behaviour.  They confirmed what I've long suspected: kids nowadays are lunatics, and we weren't when we were that age.

When I went to pick the girls up Monday afternoon, Little A had fully recovered. We walked through the alley we sometimes take en route home and the girls got to witness my Cat Whisperer abilities.  I heard meowing and stopped. "Girls, I hear a cat!" I told them.  I started making my "Come hither kitty" sound and an adorable short haired grey cat came running towards me. The girls were a bit scared by how fast he came, but he came right up to me and let me scratch his head. They he rolled onto his back and I scratched his back and belly and he continued meowing and purring.  The girls were delighted.  "Mommy, kitties love you!" Yep they do. And its mutual!

Tuesday I was busy baking up treats for all the girls' Halloween events.  Big A's new favorite cake is this one. For Little A, it was those green cupcakes. 

Wednesday we had such a massive rain storm here in Toronto, I thought we might have to build an ark! It was literally a dark and stormy night from the minute we woke up until the minute we went to bed.

I tried out my new strategy for getting to work without barfing due to motion sickness.  I left all my reading material at home and listened to podcasts instead.  Unfortunately, that was still not enough. By the time I got to my office I felt miserable and had to pop Gravol.  After that, I was okay for the rest of the day.  I have got to find those pressure point bracelets!

Thursday there were dark clouds moving across the sky at breakneck speed and extremely high winds.  Another eerie day.

Today the girls had to wear their costumes to school for more parties, a Halloween parade, and then the dance tonight.  Shucks, I have to work tonight, so Adam will have to take them by himself.

Tomorrow is going to be even scarier. I don't know how they convinced me, but the girls made me promise that they could dress me up and paint my face into the scariest witch you've ever seen.  They've been planning this horror show for months.  Oy! I promise I'll post pics.  Actually, I don't promise...

Have a happy, healthy Halloween and I'll be back Monday.

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