Thursday, October 29, 2015

Creepy Cupcakes with Ghoulish Green Icing

I know many parents have nightmares about Halloween.  Its one non-stop sugar binge for kids, and not just on October 31st either.  For our girls, the festivities and candy, started last weekend.  First there was Halloween celebrations at Hebrew School, then at Big A's theatre class, then Girl Guides on Monday evening, and, of course, both their daycare and school are having class parties this week too.  Friday night there is a school dance party where pot luck, but it sounds like its going to be candy and junk, not dinner. Its way too much!

I was very pleased that Big A asked me to buy veggie dogs to bring to her school party, since, once again, she is dressing up as a hot dog.  Her costume really is awesome!  She also asked me to make my Banana Chocolate Chip Snacking Cake, which she now says is her favorite cake ever!?! Its very healthy, so I have no problem about that.

Little A didn't demand anything in particular for her school party, so I decided to bake up these little treats.  They are sugar-free, vegan, made with whole-grain flour, no food colouring. So as scary as they look, parents can rest assured there is nothing to fear.

If your kids are only used to eating store bought cakes and icings, they may not go for this, but I always think its a good idea to try and adjust their taste buds.  The kind you buy is absolutely full of crap!

I used Pines Mighty Greens powder to give everything the pale green hue.  If you want, you can use natural food colouring instead, or a different greens powder.

Creepy Cupcakes

2 cups vegan vanilla or plain yogurt (or regular yogurt)
2 flax eggs
1 cup xylitol or erythritol
1 scoop vegan vanilla protein powder (stevia sweetened)
1 tsp pure vanilla extract
2 cups whole wheat or whole spelt flour
1 tbsp. greens powder
1/2 tsp baking soda
1/2 tsp salt

Whisk wet ingredients together in a large bowl.  In a smaller bowl, stir together dry ingredients and then stir into wet.  Scrape batter into greased mini muffin cups and bake at 350F for 14 minutes or until toothpick comes out clean.  Let cool and then remove from pan and ice, if desired.  Makes 34 mini muffins.

Ghoulish Green Icing

1/4 lb cocoa butter, melted
1.5 cups powdered erythritol (or powdered sugar, if you must!)
2 scoops vanilla protein powder
1/2 cup vegan cream cheese
1-2 tsp greens powder (depending on how strong the flavour is, you don't want kids to taste it!)
Non-dairy milk (as needed)

Whisk together icing ingredients up to greens powder.  If it gets too stiff as cocoa butter cools, add some milk, a tbsp. at a time until spreadable.  Spread on top of cupcakes with a spreader.

This recipe was shared with Urban Naturale's Happy, Green and Natural Party Blog Hop.

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  1. Hi Erica,
    What a festive way to celebrate the holiday season.I am delighted that you shared your Creepy Vegan Cupcakes with Ghoulish Green Icing with us on the Healthy Happy Green and Natural Party Blog Hop Party. I appreciate it and I'm so glad you are partying with us. I'm pinning and sharing this!