Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Litehouse Instantly Fresh Herbs: Product Review

If, like me you enjoy cooking, than you know just how much fresh herbs can add to a dish.  Many of them are also packed with important nutrients and have amazing health benefits.

But you also probably share the same problem I have, that the big bunch you get from the market or grocery store goes bad before you use it all up.  Sure, there are tricks to keeping them fresh, like sticking the stems in water in the fridge, but frankly, we rarely have enough space in our fridge to do that.  I will also be honest: I hate prepping fresh herbs.  They are often full of dirt and the ones you have to pull of the stem are a pain if your recipe needs a lot.

So when Litehouse offered to send me some of the newest flavours of their Instantly Fresh Herbs line, I was all for it.  They generously sent over Thyme, Mint, Sage and Lemongrass.  The herbs are freeze dried and have absolutely no additives.  All you do is add water (or add them directly to a liquid).

When friends came by this past weekend, I made these smashed potatoes and sprinkled some of the thyme over top.  To say these were a hit is an understatement!  The platter was empty in no time.  The herbs hydrated quickly and were very flavourful.  I loved how easy they are to use!!

I also made this Thai Lemongrass Noodles for Adam and I and the lemongrass was a cinch to use.  I didn't find it as flavourful as the thyme, however, generally lemongrass and ginger are both things I insist on using fresh because otherwise the flavour is just never the same.

So do I recommend these products?  Absolutely! If you find yourself skipping fresh herbs in your cooking because you think they're a hassle or always end up throwing most of them out, than these are definitely for you. 

Check out their website for recipes and ideas on how to use these herbs (even summer cocktails!).

Disclosure: I was sent these products at no cost but all the opinions on this blog are my own.

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