Friday, July 24, 2015


Its been a quiet week work-wise.  A lot of clients are away and a lot of my referring doctors are on holiday.  But its still been a fruitful week in other ways.

Most importantly, I have been feeling better than ever.  For months I've been struggling with daytime sleepiness and fatigue.  I thought it was my thyroid a few months ago when after a routine check, my doctor said it was, indeed, low and I needed to bump up my thyroid meds.  Unfortunately, when we re-tested a month later, my levels were perfect but the fatigue was still there.   Next, I wondered if it could be my iron levels, but my annual physical results all came back normal.  Finally, I reluctantly concluded that perhaps it was just part of being 40.  Recently, however, the fatigue has completely evaporated and I am back to my old young, energetic self.  WTF? I realized that my energy bounced back a few days after stopping my antihistamines!  In never occurred to me that it could be the culprit as it is supposedly non-drowsy and I've been on it for a few years, since my last allergist put me on it.  Maybe its a coincidence, but who cares, once again I am an energizer bunny (that was my nickname at the first gym where I taught fitness classes because I kept going and going and going...).

Speaking of teaching fitness, I also realized that its just like riding a bicycle!  I get class sub requests all the time.  I never take them because most don't work with my schedule (either early mornings when I am with the girls or evenings when I am either working or picking up the girls).  As time has gone on, I have also felt less confident teaching class formats I haven't taught in a while.  I used to teach pretty much everything, and the only reason I have stuck it out with only spinning is that it takes less prep time.  Things like boot camp or step require you to be constantly coming up with new ideas, and even though that was never a big challenge for, I just didn't want to pressure.  Anyways, when a request came in Wednesday 7am for a 10:30am class, I realized I was available.  It was for a cardio, sculpt, core and stretch combo class.  Even though I had nothing prepared, I reminded myself that I could just pick out exercises that I do myself all the time and could probably wing it pretty well.  Besides, it was for folks 55+ so I wouldn't have to go all-out.  Well, it turned out great! Admittedly, even though I tried to keep the intensity down, they whined a bit about the class being really challenging.  Nevertheless, some of them thanked me afterwards for shaking up their usual routine.  I think I'm going to try to sub more often! After all, making a few extra bucks is always a welcome thing!

I have also decided to tackle refinishing our dining room table and chairs.  They used to belong to Adam's parents and they are pretty old and not looking their best (mostly due to the wear and tear of 2 messy kids!).  I discovered that the process is pretty straightforward (based on the info I found online) so I'm going to the big hardware store down the street and stocking up on supplies today.  Tomorrow I am going to get started.  Another recent discovery of mine is that I'm not as useless as I thought I was.  A few weeks ago I single-handedly re-landscaped our front yard to replace the horrible mess made by the landscaper we hired a few years ago.  It looks pretty good, if I do say so myself! I also repainted a few walls after our handyman removed the baby gates we had on the stairs (yeah, we left them on a bit too long), and mended a whole in the drywall Adam and I made when moving the stairmaster out of our house. 

I also discovered a fitness DVD I have had that I previously overlooked.  I was flipping through my case of UFC FIT DVDs and realized there was one at the back - Shark Attack - that I hadn't tried.  See I don't follow the program they give you, I just work all my various DVDs into my routine.  I like to change it up as much as possible, so finding something completely new was exciting.  Realizing I love this workout was even better! OF all the workouts in the UFC FIT program, I think this one is the most MMA inspired, and it is so much fun.  I did it twice this week!

So here's to new discoveries!

Its a busy weekend.  Tomorrow I have one client to see and the girls have swimming.  Sunday I teach my spin class and then we are driving out of town to some friends' place for a BBQ.  Have a healthy, happy one!

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