Monday, July 13, 2015

Independance Day

Wow, today is going to be a cooker! Even early this morning it was so hot I felt like I was going to spontaneously combust!

Yesterday Adam drove Big A to Kingston to spend the week with my parents.  She is going to be attending an indoor climbing and swimming camp.  From the sounds of it, she is going to be both exhausted and in great shape by the end of the week!

Both my girls are so much more confident and independent than I was as a kid, it amazes me.  Big A, in particular, doesn't show the least bit of self-consciousness.  My mother reported that she walked right in to her new camp, with not a single familiar face, without a moment of hesitation. 

I was such a shy and insecure child I would have been clinging to my mother for dear life.  In fact, I never went to sleepover camp, just the thought of it terrified me.  Big A is game, however, so we might send her next summer, and even Little A said she might be open to it.

I think I made a mistake dropping Little A off at her new camp today though...When you arrive, you take them to the community centre's gym.  The gym was packed with kids of various ages and was loud and crazy.  Kids were throwing and kicking balls all over the place and running around everywhere.  But as soon as one of the counsellors told her where to go, she obediently walked over and sat with a few other kids watching quietly on the sidelines while the rest zoomed around like wild beasts.  I waved at her and could have left but she looked so little and timid, that I walked over and asked if she wanted me to stay until the camp started.  She nodded yes so I sat down with her.  This probably was a mistake. As it turns out, a ton of kids she knows from her school are also doing this camp, and had I left immediately, she likely would have started playing with them.  But since I was there, she ignored them all and then began wailing when I left, she looked so sad that my heart felt very heavy leaving her there, although I am quite sure she was fine soon afterwards.

I can't believe how quickly they are growing up...I am sure when they get ready to leave home I will be wailing and clinging to their ankles, but at least I know these 2 strong girls will do just fine for themselves.


Happy Monday!

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