Wednesday, June 24, 2015

What I Ate Wednesday: Hot Weather Edition

Thanks to Peas and Crayons for hosting another WIAW. 

There is no doubt that summer is finally here, so hot meals have taken a back seat and meals are becoming no-cook or low-cook.  In fact, when I look at this day, I realize its definitely not the healthiest example of nutrition, but that happens some times.

I am so loving the option of my Chocolate Protein Mousse for hot weather I don't even drink hot coffee!

On this day, my version of Chocolate Covered Katie's Nacho Cheese Hummus was the star, along with refreshing cucumber tomato salad with dill.

Snacks were baby carrots (not pictured) and this to die for frosted chocolate mint plantain cake...oh man, so good.  I have one left in the freezer and I will definitely be making more!

A few of these coffee frappes may have been consumed as well...

Dinner was veggie burger and steamed broccoli.  This is about the smallest, simplest dinner you'll ever see me eat.  The Nutrition Action Healthletter rated Sol Cuisine's veggie burgers #1 so I decided to try them, and though they don't look like much, they are very tasty! 

I know these are processed, but they make a great quick and easy meal. I definitely don't eat perfectly and I am very okay with that.

Have a happy hump day! 



  1. I definitely don't cook much or want hot meals during the summer! I also can't drink hot coffee but I do drink a ton of iced coffee! The Frappe looks so good!