Monday, June 29, 2015


Boy the past few days have been a real mixed bag! 
Of course, I have to mention that FINALLY same-sex marriage has been legalized across the U.S.!  Its about freakin' time!

It also happens to be pride week in Toronto, and unfortunately, along with all the rainbow flags came torrential rain on the day of the big parade this weekend.  In fact, it poured all weekend.  There were a whole lot of very disappointed folks!

For me, however, the weather was okay.  The antibiotics have me feeling pretty lousy so having to stay in and not do very much was a good thing.  I bailed on my book club but did push myself to do everything else.  Its just this sort of blech feeling which sometimes worsens to full-blown nausea.  I am not surprised, I often get this way from antibiotics.

Nevertheless, I an ecstatic that my girls will grow up in a world with more acceptance of diversity.  While there is still a long way to go, major strides have been made since I was born in the 70s, that's for sure.

So happy proud of who you are and who you love!

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